New INFO TECH website has been launched.

Please enjoy it and feel free to send your comments.

Upon an order of our customer from the United Kingdom, during the first two weeks of September 2015 INFO TECH was running four IEC 61850 training courses of basic and advanced levels.

During the year 2014 6 new customers purchased licenses to INFO TECH software implementing the IEC 61850 communication standard.

Currently our solutions for the server end are utilized by 10 companies, while the solutions for the client end are applied by 20 companies and research organizations. Our customers-licensees are located in 12 countries on 3 continents.

During the conference session in Sopot on 27th of November 2014 our company received a certificate of participation in the project Work - Respect - Appreciation. 7 Steps to Work-Life Balance.

Wioleta Chałas was representing our company in 7 workshops of this project. The goal of this project was to educate entrepreneurs to properly reconcile work duties and private lives of their employees.

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