The program allows to import an SCD file (System Configuration Description) and visualize all configured GOOSE data flows among devices in the graphical connection diagram. In case of a large system the connection diagram may not fit to a single screen but the tool allows for an easy navigation in the context of any data flow: to a chosen IED, a chosen source data or a chosen destination.

GOOSE data flow can be also presented in the form of a list of all outgoing and all incoming data - with the possibility to use IED filters on both ends. The produced list can be exported into a text file.

61850 GOOSE System Viewer can be used for online monitoring of GOOSE communication in the running installation. In online mode the connections on the diagram and the transmissions in the list are marked with colors that describe whether:

  • GOOSE transmission proceeds correctly with source and destination data marked with green background,
  • GOOSE transmission has stopped (old data),
  • an erroroneus frame has been detected,
  • there is no transmission,

while any selected connection is distinguished with blue color.



The tool allows also to set up the monitoring for two additional views: the list of events (changes of data in GOOSE messages) and the list of alarms (based on user defined conditions on data in GOOSE messages).



61850 GOOSE System Viewer will be offered as an optional program to 61850 Avenue toolset (extended license price).

Presentation material of the 61850 GOOSE System Viewer tool  (także wersja polska)

Leaflets of 61850 GOOSE System Viewer

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