A program capable of simulating a network of IEC 61850 server IEDs: an ultimate software tool for testing IEC 61850-based system configurations!

Supporting Edition 1, Edition 2 and the newest Edition 2.1 of the IEC 61850 standard applicable to protection and control of power systems.

Simulates one or more IEC 61850 server devices using SCL files (ICD/CID/SCD).

Enables using target or user defined IP addresses of simulated devices (when running with administrator priviledges) on multiple network adapters.

Allows to simulate device shutdown, restart and configured initialization time.

Data values of simulated devices can be changed manually on the GUI, using configured formulas (e.g. time dependent, user variable dependent) or from the user defined program communicating with 61850 SCL Runner using telnet protocol (no need to learn any proprietary script language!).

Supports defined and dynamic data sets and the reporting function with BRCBs and URCBs (data and quality change, integrity period and GI request can trigger reports).

Allows to test DO and SBO control commands in both normal and enhanced security models.

Allows to operate on setting groups.

Allows to activate and deactivate GOOSE Publishers.

Allows to monitor data received by GOOSE Subscriber interface.

Supports secure client-server communication based on TLS and ACSE.

Supplied together with 61850 ICD Editor - to enable creation or modification of SCL files used for simulation (supports all standard defined LN classes including D, H and W groups and the possibility of defining private LN classes).

When checking other available IEC 61850 simulation tools have you ever wondered:

  • why do I have to program application functions performance instead of verifying IEC 61850 system configuration and data flows ?
  • why the target SCD/CID files cannot be used ?
  • why the simulation of data value and quality changes is so tedious and complicated ?
  • why the tools cannot offer a simple way of verifying all data flows between server and client devices ?
  • why to use some proprietary script language instead of driving simulation steps from my own programs ?
  • and why these tools are so expensive ?
  • ...

Here comes a better solution ! Based on what the users need for system level testing.


Presentation materials of the 61850 SCL Runner

Leaflets of 61850 SCL Runner toolset

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